In Daddy's Shoes

Isn't he adorable as he tries to be just like his daddy.  

I love seeing my kids modeling what they see from us.  It's always a good reminder for us as parents to be extra cautious of what we say, act, or do when our children are in our presence.  

So let this cute picture remind you too that your actions are speaking very loud to your children.  What are you teaching them?

Do they see you reading your Bible?  

Did they see you scream at that other drive? (Guilty there) 

Do they see you hugging and loving on your spouse? (in a good way) 

Are they hearing love and words of affirmation coming out or hurt? 

I often hear that children have lost the art of respect so parents are you showing respect to the people around you and teaching it to your children?  

When your child acts out before you start the punishment ask yourself if you yourself have modeled that same behavior they are showing you!  

Lord, I pray for the parents reading this!  I pray you would guide them and direct them each and every day  as a parent.  I ask that each of us parents hold each other accountable to be the good examples to our children.  Thank you, Father, that you love us unconditional and I pray you would help us to love our children the way you love us.  AMEN