Neater Feeder Review and Giveaway

I have two kids and one dog running around this house and before I had the Neater Feeder it was a common problem of spilled water and food on my kitchen floor from the dog dishes.  It was so annoying to be walking through and come out with wet socks from the spilled water.  I am so thrilled the problem has been avoided since we started using the Neater Feeder. 

Thank you Neater Feeder for sending me this product to conduct my review.  All opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid for this review.  

The Neater Feeder comes in two colors, cranberry or bronze.  Since I have a girl dog I went with the cranberry color, which also matches some of the decor in my kitchen.  As you can see from the image above they have the right size for your cat or dog. They also include leg extensions to raise it even more if needed. 

I have had the Neater Feeder for several days and the system works great!  I love having a dry floor and I am happy my little pooch is enjoying her new dishes.  :)

How does it work:

Who wants to win one?? Enter to win your choice of size and color Neater Feeder using the easy Rafflecopter form below. 

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Unknown said…
Neater Feeder has 11 awards!
DShope said…
I learned it comes in sizes for cats up to big dogs! Awesome because we have cats and big dogs!
KateV said…
I learned that it separates the spilled food from the spilled water!
KateV said…
I entered the deZign with a Z giveaway
Emi said…
They come in different sizes, the small with leg extensions would probably work best for us.
Unknown said…
I entered the BeginAgain Lemonade Set Giveaway.
benz1171 said…
The Neater Feeder is made by Neater Pet Brands, LLC based in Malvern, Pennsylvania.
Deanna said…
you have size and color options!
AnnaZed said…
I learned that they make several sizes from one for cats and small dogs all the way up to a raised high one for big dogs.

Rafflecopter name: Margot Core
Unknown said…
I learned that the original comes in Cranberry and Bronze colors
Sadie said…
I learned that it comes in different sizes and colors.

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