Playing Boats

It amazes me how different playing with my daughter and my son truly are.  I have a very girly girl and I have my tough boy!  It is absolutely eye opening comparing how each play and rethinking about my daughter when she was the age of my son.  It also makes me more aware of being a better teacher, they have completely different learning styles and being aware now is very beneficial.  

One thing I have mentioned is he is not a fan of the bath unless I make it fun!  You can find lots of bath ideas here on my blog.  Bath time is not just for getting clean, there is lots of fun and learning that can take place!

One thing I bought for him from one of my swap groups is some boats.  We have two small boats for the bath tub and my son loves using them in his bath or even out of the bath.  He pushes them and sinks them and tries to park them in the boat warehouse when he is done with his bath.  At almost 2 years old he has a great imagination and I hope I can foster that imagination more as he continues to grow.  He also has his big 2 year old Birthday party coming up soon so we might have to request some more boat toys or toys for the bath tub.  

Lately he is trying to steal his sisters little princess's and put them on the boat.  It is quite funny to watch!  I think I may have to find some little boy figures like GI Joe's or something so he can have other people rather then just the princess's.   Must put those on the birthday list!  :) 

Do you have a children of the opposite sex?  Can you see the big differences as you play and watch them grow.  I think it is very fascinating to see their little brains learning.  


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