Sharing that JESUS is RISEN- You've been EGGED

Today the kids and I took a walk and handed out three Easter baskets with a great little message and an invitation to our church for Easter.  

Thanks Fab n Free for the free printable.  My husband did change the printable into one that we could leave in a basket instead of hiding eggs in some strangers yard.  

We moved to our neighborhood about a year ago and sadly we still do not know many neighbors.  So we said a prayer before we left and we had fun leaving some baskets for some neighbors.  

The main idea that comes across on the sheet is "JESUS IS RISEN."  The wording on the sheet said, "You've been EGGED, there are 12 eggs in this basket but don't get discouraged when you find the empty egg because it's a simple reminder that Jesus' tomb is empty for HE IS RISEN.   Happy Easter"  

This was such a simple way to share our Faith!  I encourage each of you to find simple yet practical ways to share the Love of Christ!  


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