Fancy Nancy Party

If you have a little girl then I am willing to bet you have heard of Fancy Nancy.  If not then you need to head to your library and check out some Fancy Nancy Books.  

A big thank-you to the Orb Factory for supplying Fancy Nancy Crowns and activities for those stunning girls above.  

During spring break our family had no plans for travel but I wanted my daughter to have some fun on her long week off of school.   We had 8 girls over and we had a blast.  We read several Fancy Nancy stories, danced, created our crowns, and created a little jeweled Fancy Nancy accessory.  

The crowns were fantastic and easy to created.  If you have younger girls they will need more assistance at pulling off the gems and jewels and help with the color coding.  

I hope my daughter remembers the fun day we had with her friends.  It might have been an exhausting event for this mom but it was well worth it after hearing my daughter talk about it for days!  :) It truly was an amazing kids party! 


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