How to Build a Backyard Pond

How to Build a Backyard Pond

You’ve been putting it off long enough: now is finally the time to get that backyard
ready for summer and to build the pond you’ve been dreaming of. To create a quiet,
relaxing setting for you and your family, gather the instructions, tools, and plans
together to create your very own backyard pond. Before you begin, consider all
factors of lifestyle to determine the size of your pond, and also consider what you
want it to contain. If your neighborhood contains lots of cats, or if you have a pet
that might bother fish, you might consider creating instead a pond that contains only
plants or rocks.

Planning Your Pond

Choose the area for your pond. We recommend that you use a pond pump to filter
the pond and to keep the water flowing. You’ll want to make sure that area has
adequate access to electricity to run your pump. Pond pumps from Swallow Aquatics
are available online and offer a variety of options for all shapes and sizes of ponds.
Pond pumps are important, because they prevent mosquitoes and other pests from
breeding in stagnant water, which can quickly turn your haven into a hell. Outline the
size and shape of your pond once you’ve determined what will work best for you.

Digging Your Pond

Contact local authorities to make sure there aren’t any obstacles in the area you’d
like to dig. If you want a workout, dig with a shovel or rent a backhoe. Pond pumps
are also either external or internal, so you can determine if you want it in the pond
or outside of it. If you determine you’d like one inside, along with the filter, be sure
to dig enough space to accommodate your pond pump.  Then you’ll want to install
an underlayment, or pond liner, which will keep the water from absorbing into the
ground and creating a muddy mess. Check the area to make sure no sharp objects
will puncture the liner. Add rocks to cover the liner and add beauty to the area. Install
your pond pump.

Finishing Up

Fill your pond with water, turn on your pond pump, and fill the area with accessories
and plants that will add just the right touch of beauty without causing extra
maintenance for you. Consider what other elements might compliment your pond in
the backyard, such as a gathering space for friends and family with a fire pit and a
grill. It’s sure to be a wonderful summer as you enjoy the outdoors in your very own

Paige One enjoys writing about a variety of topics, from fashion to lifestyle topics!

Thanks Paige One for a great guest post!  I remember visiting my father in law in New York and he had a pond with fish and my daughter and I enjoyed it quite a bit!  As a reminder make sure you keep an eye on your children when around ponds.  How many of you are thinking of making a pond in your backyard?  


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