Jumpin' Janes = DIRTY

We just got home from a fun filled weekend away.  One place we stayed was Dubuque Iowa and in Dubuque we went to Jumpin' Janes, a jumping place for kids filled with blow up jumping toys and an arcade.  I was excited to take my kids to this site because it was one of the top places to visit on a website for the city.  

Sadly we made our visit shorter because of the cleanliness or should I say lack of it.  Beyond the dirt and grime in the building there were other dangerous factors that made me consider calling to report it, but who would you call?  I truly have no idea??

So here are a few pictures I snapped:

In the top right photo is a electric outlet filled with a huge pile of dust.  This is right under the air hockey table right in the middle of the play area so the visibility was clear!  The bottom left picture shows more dust which was near a bench for sitting and right by a play area. The bottom right picture is showing the flooring uneven which was present in several areas!  :(  It's saying, "Look at me I'm going to trip your loved one."  

I have been to other jumping places and none of them gave me shivers down my spine by the amount of dirt and dust!  

Not sure how they stay open!  

Have you experienced dirty play areas for children?  How would you handle this situation?  Who would you call to get the place cleaned up??  


Tractor Mom said…
Try the health department in that city. Understand why you left...
Thanks tractor mom... I will call them tomorrow! :)
Emi said…
For the safety issues I would contact the Dubuque, Iowa Building Division at 563.589.4150 also the Iowa area OSHA offices - here is the one in Des Moines (515) 284-4794

I would not be as concerned about the dirt (since you can wash that off) as I would be off the tripping hazards, especially with the fact that small children will use this facility and hazards are readily available with sharp and uneven surfaces.

For a safe and exciting place to take kids in Iowa, I recommend Adventureland in Altoona although they don't open until the end of this month.
Thanks Emi,

I called the Iowa Building Division and they took all my complaints and will be following through to ensure the safety for the kids. :)

Thanks for the help and the tips for Altoona! :)

Be Blessed,