Light the Night Fundraising Update

Fundraising is always a daunting hard task.  I am not a fan of asking people for money since so many people do with school fundraising, church fundraising, and every foundation out there fighting many diseases it makes it hard to be bold and ask for money. 

I am happy to report that I have received my first donation.  Last night a family I know donated the first donation!  WOOT!  It really got me excited and pumped to start asking more.  :) 

I also have received a business donation from Mohawk Rugs.  They donated 4 rugs to be auction or sold off.  :)  I am thankful and hoping other companies will offer gifts and gift cards to auction off to help raise funds.  

Look how beautiful the rugs are: 

I wrap up this post by yes, asking you if you will consider making a donation.  :)  Every small to large donation makes me happy and helps us get a step closer to curing cancers.  :) 

My donation page makes it easy to do an online donation.  


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