Peach Blossom's in Full Bloom COOKIE GIVEAWAY

The Farm Press is predicting a great season for yummy peaches.  Wisconsin is not a peach growing state but Texas sure is reporting a great bloom this season.  

Peach cobbler is a healthy dessert alternative – it’s mainly fruit. To make it even healthier try using Lucy’s Ginger Snaps or Cinnamon Thins to make the crust and crumble. Lucy’s Cookies use non-GMO, organic ingredients, and they’re gluten-free and vegan.

For fun facts about peaches, more images you can use, a cool peach cobbler recipe using a cookie crust and a video from Lucy about peach cobbler, please  visit our newsroom:

I was blessed to receive more cookies from Dr. Lucy's.  I had good intentions of creating a tasty Peach Cobbler with the cookies for the crust but we had teenagers over and they ate them!!  Dr. Lucy's cookies are so crunchy and tasty you can't resist eating them.  

Are you looking up Peach recipes now??  Try using Dr. Lucy's cookies the next time you are baking a dessert!  

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Vanessa said…
Chocolate coconut. :)
Anonymous said…
I love peanut butter cookies as well as snickerdoodles! :)
Vicki F. said…
The ginger ones look great!
tess said…
I like chocolate chips and oatmeal cookies
DShope said…
oatmeal cookies are my favorite.

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