Praise God

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WOOT!  It has been a strange couple days with a nervous tummy since the father of the boy I watch was undergoing open heart triple bypass surgery today.  

Some of you might have seen my prayer request on my facebook site and I thank each of you who prayed.  His surgery went great!  PRAISE GOD!  I have no idea why I had that silly nervous tummy!  

I do want you all to keep praying for him and his family.  He still has recovery and is still battling lymphoma.  I am so thankful we serve a might and healing God and I am seeking that full force for this man.  His son deserves his daddy to be healthy.  AMEN

It has been ages since I have done a Thankful post so let me just list off a few more things I am thankful for!  

1. Opportunities, God keeps sending me new opportunities and it can be exciting and frightening but I know we are following HIS plans. 

2. HEALTH- we have been up and down with our health lately so I am praying for complete health and restoration in my whole families bodies.  AMEN

3. SPRING- It may be taking longer then I want but the snow is melting and I have been able to wear my spring coat.  

4. Education-  I am thankful I am knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects and will continue to be a life long learner.  

5.  FAMILY- I love them so much!  I am so blessed to be able to be a wife and mommy to some amazing peeps.  :) 

What about you?   


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