Praying for Boston

Today was a day that I wish ended before it started!  First the little boy I watch fell and got the biggest goose egg I have ever seen!!  :(  I hate when kids get hurt and I dislike when they are not my kids and they are under my supervision.  Plus the incident happened while we were out and about so it was stressful to say the least.  

Then to hear about Boston and worry about a few people that I knew were there!  I am so thankful they are all fine and had already finished the race! 

So with all this stress, frustration, and broken heart I just have to PRAY!  

Please join me in prayer!

Papa God,
Please comfort the broken heart-ed tonight.  Cover them with your peace.  I pray for the survivors still at the hospital- please guide the doctors and nurses and bring healing to those bodies.  Thank-you for my friends who are safe!!  Please guide and help the investigation of this crime.  I pray that this nation would once again SHOUT- "ONE NATION UNDER GOD!"  Because God- WE NEED YOU!!!  This world needs you!  WE NEED MORE GOD MORE GOD!  Thank-you daddy God for calming my nerves and clearing my head.  AMEN

Feel free to comment your own prayers!  :) 

Be Blessed,


Jen said…
So happy to hear those you know finished the race safe! My heart has been focused on Boston too today. My post paralleling Paul's "Keep the faith, and finish the race".
Praying each of us, run together. Arms linked, strong. Eyes fixed, solely on the one, in whom this whole race is worth running for....!
Blessings, Jen
OOO- I never thought about that connection! Good stuff, Jen!

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