Calling all Chocolate Lovers!! Review and Giveaway included

Chocolate, I have your attention now.  Like most females having chocolate around the house can be dangerous but get rid of some of that guilt with Sweet Riot Chocolate.  

About Sweet Riot:

our identity

sweetriot is human, globally responsible, irreverent and built for a new generation.

our values

  • We use premium, high quality, and all-natural ingredients.
  • We believe in fair trade with developing countries.
  • We celebrate culture and diversity through our products.
  • We create sweet experiences for our customers, partners and employees.
  • We are young at heart, energetic, down-to-earth and contribute to the greater good.

My Review:

I really like the fact that Sweet Riot uses all-natural 

ingredients. I have never really had much for dark 

chocolate but this chocolate is very rich and satisfies 

every craving.  

My husband was a sneak and gobbled up the chocolate 

with coconut and he had confessed and admitted it 

was super delicious. 

Another neat feature from Sweet Riot is the artwork on 

the chocolate bars.  They have so many different 

artists that have been on the chocolate.  You can also 

submit your artwork to get selected and placed on 

Time to enter to win your own Trio Pack!  Use the easy 

rafflecopter form below to enter.  

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Vanessa said…
I learned that they don't post very often. =P Can that count? :)
Karen Delaney said…
I entered Way better snacks
Karen Delaney said…
They gave a coupon code for Valentine's Day purchasing
Unknown said…
The best tasting health food ever!
Gala said…
Mastermind and Chief Rioter is Sarah E. Endline