Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!  Did any of you go to a Memorial Day service or parade?  Thank a service man or woman?  I hope today was not just a day off of work and a day to grill out.  I hope you were able to reflect and feel thankful for the men and women who sacrificed all they had!

There are a lot of men in my family who has served in the military.  

My dad's great great great great great grandpa fought in the civil war and his last name is my dad's first name. Pretty neat to think about! 

My grandma's brother was killed in WW1- Wiley Davis.   My dad's uncle, Art, fought in the battle of the Bulge.  My dad was in Vietnam and my cousin his nephew was in the gulf war.   My grandpa on my mom's side was in World War 2 but because he was a German/American he was not trusted and could only be a cook. 

Here is my dad's coat from when he was serving and all the areas he went.  It's holiday's like this that makes me want to do more research on my family history/ancestors.  

I hope you take some time to honor a solider and to listen to their stories.  Please be praying for all service men and women.