RazWar Review

Raz*War, a revolutionary shaving brand

The Raz*War’s idea was born in the mind of Pierre De Nayer who was feeling like he was being robbed every time he bought razor blades at the supermarket. 
He believes everyone who shaves should be able to do so at an affordable price with the high level of quality the skin deserves.

My Review: 
Well the warm weather has set in and that means one thing, shaving those hairy winter legs. There are so many razors on the market that it can get overwhelming as the consumer.  RazWar is super convient- its a razor subscription so your razors will come strait to your front door.  No more standing in the isle wondering what razor cartridge you need to buy.  RazWar has several different package's to choose from.  

I got this neat trio of razors and they worked well.  My husband got one too and I have not heard any complaints from him.  I like the convenient carrying case for each razor.  With kids around its nice to have  a little more protection from the sharp blades.