7 Year Anniversary Recap

Another year has come and my love for my husband is still stronger then ever.  We may have had several changes over the last 7 years but my love only grows.  

Our date last night is one that will never be forgotten!  Let me just start at the beginning.  

We left our house a little after three and we had a little drive to arrive at the museum we wanted to go to.  The clouds were rolling in and we had already had a few storms come and go but no big deal.  Once we took our exit I got my phone out to take some pictures of the neat and scary clouds. 

My husband and I noticed right away that these clouds were low and moving very fast.  A few seconds later our phones were sending us this message:

Let me remind you that we were driving!  Within a couple more minutes it started to rain and then down pour.  So we turned into the nearest place, ironically it was a motel, HAHA and took shelter there.  As soon as we were running from the vehicle to the building the wind picked up.  We were soaked head to toe and the winds continued to pick up.  I can laugh now at our circumstances but I was freaking out in my head.  Wondering if there truly was a tornado touchdown or if it was just wind.  I was wondering what direction the storm was going because my kids were at home with a sitter.  It did not take long before the wind died down and we got back in our vehicle and headed to the museum.  Once we got to the museum only about 10 minutes passed and they directed us to the basement exhibits because of another tornado warning.  YES AGAIN!  

I still have not figured out if there was a real tornado touch down but it sure made for an eventful date. 

After all the weather hold backs we finally enjoyed our tour and then made our way to dinner and enjoyed some Italian food.  Then after that we had dessert at my new favorite ice cream place- Whitey's!  There praline pecan is amazing!!! YUMMY, I might be drooling just typing and thinking about it. 

With our bellies full and still more icky weather approaching we headed home to relieve our babysitter who was probably happy we were earlier then expected since she was up way too early that  morning.