Brave Knight Bible Review

Zondervan has a great Bible for the boys!  I was given a copy of this Bible in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.  

About:  The Brave Knight Bible helps boys ages 6-9 learn about the character traits that God wants his brave knights to showcase: traits such as respect, honor, love, truth, and bravery. This portable compact Bible includes the complete King James Version translation with 12 full-color pages.

For bold young knights riding into battle, the Brave Knight Bible provides the sword of God’s Word so they can vanquish their fiercest foes. Besides the complete King James Version, this Bible also includes twelve full-color pages to encourage young boys to develop character traits of respect, honor, love, truth, bravery, and other knightly qualities. The compact size lets a youthful warrior carry it anywhere.
Other features include:
Presentation page for personalization
Concordance for help in finding verses
Words of Christ in red

I think as a parent it is vital for us to teach our boys 
those core values such as respect, honor, love, truth, 
and bravery.  If we as parents don't do a good job of  
teaching these important traits the world will teach 
them not to.  I love the size of this Bible and for boys 
it will be easy to carry along with them where ever 
they go.  I do kind of wish the translation was in an 
easier to understand one for young readers but overall 
this Bible is a great one to get if you have a son in the 
6-9 range.