Fruit of the Spirit Bible

The Fruit of the Spirit Bible, NIV helps explain the importance of cultivating the nine fruit of the Spirit (from Galatians 5) that everyone should try to grow.

Got Fruit?
Don’t you love the taste of fresh fruit? God likes fruit too, but not the kind that comes from orchards. The fruit God loves best grows within you: qualities such as love, joy, peace, and kindness that delight God and can make you the kind of person others simply love to be around.

The NIV Fruit of the Spirit Bible will help you cultivate all nine “Fruit of the Spirit.” Twelve special, full-color pages tell you about each kind of fruit: what it is, why it’s important, and how, with God’s help, you can grow it in your heart. You’ll love the handy, take-anywhere size, and since this is the complete, bestselling New International Version, you know it’s easy to read and understand.

It is always a positive thing to practice the fruits of the spirit.  It allows us to see the growth God has been doing in our lives or convict us on improving some areas in our life.  

I think NIV translation bibles are one of the most friendly versions.  The easy to understand translation makes this an easy Bible to read for many ages.  

I adore my watermelon cover which is also sturdy and has provided many new conversations when I brought it to church.  I had a young female ask me if it smelled like watermelon so maybe that is the next step for Zondervan.  :)

I also think you all will agree that the $9.99 price tag off of is unbeatable!  A great price for a great bible that you will adore for years to come.  Pick up your copy today.  


Unknown said…
I LOVE this! I will have to look it up! :) Thank you kindly. Blessings!

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