Our new adventure in Iowa

I think you all are aware that we sold our house in Wisconsin and moved this week to Iowa where my husband is the new head pastor of a church here.  It is a fun new adventure but this mom is exhausted and ready for a nice day of rest.  

Here are a couple pictures to showcase our new town.  

We live in the same town as American Pickers, how cool is that!  :)

This is the view from my deck!  Good morning sun and hello Mississippi River!  Or should I say Mississippi's river like my daughter says.  ;)

I hope to show you more pictures once we get more settled.  It has been a lot more work then just unpacking as we are still doing some home improvements on the house. 

My kids are adjusting well but my dog is being a big baby.  She is so confused and is showing some signs of depression.  Time for a long walk for her and some doggy treats.  

I am of to catch some zzz's.   I also have two job interviews on Monday so keep me in your prayers.  I am eager to find out the plans that God has in store for me and my family here in Iowa.  :) 

God bless you!   


Unknown said…
Wow - what a big change :) Love that you are in the same town as American Pickers - we LOVE that show!

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