The Jesus Story Book Bible DVD Set Review

 One of my favorite Children's Bible is the "Jesus Storybook Bible."  I am really thrilled that they took that entire children's Bible and made DVD sessions from each Biblical story.  These videos are 5-9 minutes long and are helping in our church Sunday School program.  

I was very curious if the stories from the book would be word for word or done differently.  When I watched the first episode it was a delightful experience to watch the video with the bible open and follow along.  Every part of the DVD was word for word from the Bible.  The pictures were nice and vibrant and my heart got excited to share with all the little kids at church. 

You must check out these DVD's for your personal collection.   

I was given a copy of the DVD's to conduct my review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.  


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