Who needs a gym during summer...

I though one of the first things I would do after moving is join a local gym.  Well, I have been touring a few places but still unsure of what to do.  So many choices and really confusing as I wait to hear about job possibilities for myself. (Did I tell you I have been applying for some teaching jobs- still waiting on God's leading.) 

So far I have checked out Planet Fitness, YMCA, Snap, and the local Rec area.  Each vary in prices, location, and what they offer.  I like more classes, I want child care option, and well it makes it difficult.  

So this week I have had some fun working out in my neighborhood.  My daughter is a great warm up partner and I am always impressed with her running skills.  We have a lot of hills here and she did not give up and we had a ton of fun running down them.  

 Isn't this view breath taking?  I had to stop my job and just take it in!  You can see our new church and home and amazing Mississippi River.  I am absolutely loving the view and just cant get enough of it.  

So while my husband joins the local rec center I am just going to enjoy working out here!  :) 

Not only is it fun to run near the river but today I also worked out at the park while the kids played.  There is a super neat park that allows some easy work outs for parents.  WOOT!  :)  Do you have a gym membership during summer?

I am sore today, I have worked out two days in a row after 2 weeks off- WOW, I feel out of shape after only 2 weeks!