WummbleBox Review

WummelBox is a new kids activity box subscription!  

With the Wummelbox, kids and parents discover and experience the art of play together in an exciting, new way. Every month, kids dive into a brand new world with each box. The box themes range from “Light and Shadow”, “Time Travel” to “Balanced Nutrition”. We never reveal the theme of the next box. The surprise can only be revealed by opening the new Wummelbox. Our changing, monthly themes are always chosen based on the context: for example based on the current season or centered around certain festivals like carnival or Olympia, etc. Every Wummelbox delivers a new surprise straight to your doorstep. In order to keep it that way, we are constantly collecting ideas for new Wummelboxes and exciting projects.
Our boxes are designed to be fun and promote the different fields of child development, rather than simply to keep kids “occupied”. This is why all our projects are developed with the help of educators and creative experts. Kids learn subconsciously with the Wummelbox: the nature of the diverse arts and crafts projects promote different fields of your child's development and can be attributed to different learning methods.

My Review:
My kids lot art projects and so do I but what is better is not have to gather supplies and get them ready.  The wummelbox makes it easy for those busy parents to find ways to engage their children with these already made boxes ready for exploring and creating.  My daughter like the projects and was able to complete them with little to no help.  It was fun!  There are several choices for the right subscription for you and your kids so make sure to look through all the choices.