Zoo Animals at the Library!

We are still having lots of fun exploring our new town. I am all excited for a zoo trip with my family after meeting some of the members of the Niabi Zoo when they came to visit our local library.  I love learning new facts about animals too- life long learner here! :)  

My daughter thought it was so funny when the bird made a cellphone ring squawk because that is what the bird is familiar in hearing.  I found it more entertaining watching all the kids faces when the zoo keeper talked about bringing elephant poop in with the lions for them to roll around in.  (you know they do this because they want to hunt elephants and they cant smell like a lion they need smell like the prey.) Those kids were so grossed out knowing the zoo keepers allowed them to do it.  

I encourage you to take a trip to your local library and see what fun summer events they have planned.  


pianofingers said…
totally have! Our library has a kids show of some kind every wednesday- this week it was a juggler, next week it is a magician

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