DIY Kids Cuff Bracelet

The best type of project are the FREE ones!  :)  We re-used our toilet paper rolls and created these one of a kind cuff bracelets.  We decorated with string, stickers,  and bingo doter's.  You could use any other items to bedazzle yours.  

We had all the supplies we needed for this fun project and the beauty of it was not needing to spend forever prepping it. 


So don't throw away that toilet paper roll next time. Once you have your roll you can cut it down the middle so you can slip it on the wrist.  Then cut it to the size you want.  Then after that you can have as much fun decorating as you can.   My two year old son even had fun making one with dinosaur stickers.  


cheryla lister said…
This is such a cute and easy project. Would like to try it with my grand daughter. Now I'll go rescue those tp rolls from the trash!