Share this post and donate a haircut to a child!!

I am so excited to be a part of this neat opportunity with Hair Cuttery!  You read that picture above correct- All you need to do is share this post with the button above and you will donate a hair cut to a child in need.  Perfect timing for Back to School- Let those kids go to school with some self esteem.  The average cost for back to school ages K-12 is $668!!  So lets help out all the parents and cut the cost back with free hair cuts!  It's simple and will make a difference for each family.  

SHARE THIS POST!!  Make sure you click the picture in this post!   :)  Also there are 10 bloggers participating in this event and the blogger who gets the most clicks will be able to donate to  All the donations on that site are to help schools.  With budget cuts in most school districts this site allows teachers to set up a way to get donations for the items their classroom needs.    I was able to page through the many schools and teachers who are seeking help with financials in items their class needs.  If my blog has the most clicks I know the charity I would choose on would be for a special needs classroom.  There are several in Iowa that need some help and it would be awesome to reach out to my local community.  :)  Some need some new technology items like Ipads, and Ipens, some need some stability ball seats or busy seats, some just need subscriptions for the kids. I encourage you to check out the site and see if a school near you needs help.  

Does your child need a haircut?  Check the site out to find one of the 900 haircut locations participating in the free haircut offer:

This is a sponsored post but since it is all about donations the money Praises of a Wife and Mommy was paid is going to be donated to Light the Night to fight leukemia and lymphoma.


susan jakovina said…
What a fantastic idea! I'm not based in the U.S. but just wanted to leave a comment saying kudos for sharing.
Thanks Susan Liberatore! I think you can still share! :) :)
Unknown said…
What a great thing to do!
JoDee Martin said…
What a great program! Thanks for sharing!
I've shared in both places. :)

Now following you! Would love a follow back-
D Cheatle said…
What a lovely way to help!! I shared on facebook and twitter!
Unknown said…
This is a really cool idea, I hope you win!
Mama to 5 said…
what a great cause! I will share it!
I shared! What a wonderful program!
Unknown said…
What a nice thing to do!
I appreciate all the shares! You are awesome!