KinderGlo Giveaway

KinderGlo Review and Giveaway

What is KinderGlo? 
The KinderGlo is a fully rechargeable, fully portable LED night light designed for kids to cuddle and carry to get them peacefully through the night. Bright enough to see by but soft enough the sleep by, the KinderGlo is a favorite for parents and kids alike. Our small, soothing pals will ease even the most fretful kids into  a good night’s sleep and will soon become a part of the daily bedtime routine.

Families fall in love with the KinderGlo because it’s:

  • Fully portable. Lamps last for 8-10 hours of continuous light, so kids can keep their friends in bed with them all night. They are also perfect for nighttime trips to the bathroom or for parents to peek in on little sleepers.
  • Fun and easy to use! Choose from our selection of 8 playful characters, and watch your little one’s face light up as bright as the KinderGlo when they realize that this is a lamp they can use all by themselves.
  • 100% safe. Cool LED lights and that are never hot to the touch and safe, non-toxic materials mean that kids can cuddle with their friends and parents never need to worry.

KinderGlo Night Lights are:


  • Rechargeable–no money wasted replacing batteries!
  • Easy for little hands to hold and carry
  • Last for 8-10 hours of soft, soothing light so kids an keep their buddies in bed with them all night


  • Powered with LED lights that are never hot to the touch
  • Automatically power on if knocked from the charging base or if charging during a power outage
  • Made with phthalate, BPA & lead free materials

Fun (and easy to use!)

  • Choose from a variety of cute, comforting characters
  • Simple for kids to use all by themselves
  • Single button allows you to choose between auto-off after 30 minutes or continuous lighting. You can also choose between: continuous changing colors or solid color.

My Review:

I have had our KinderGlo for about 2 weeks and my son loves it and has used it every night!  

He loves that it turns colors and I love that after 30 minutes it turns off.  

I wondered about the brightness of the light and I can safely say that it is brighter then I anticipated but is not too bright! It works wonderful as a night lite for any age.  My daughter has been a little jealous of her brother so I think kids of all ages will love these KinderGlo

Here is a coupon code for free shipping on each night light ordered from their webstore:

Enter below using the easy rafflecopter form to enter to win your own KinderGlo.  Winner will get to pick their animal.  This giveaway is open to USA and CANADA!!!  :) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Jennifer Young said…
I would get the owl!
Maegan Morin said…
I really love the Owl Night Light
Paula Stewart said…
I like the Angel the best but that's not an animal. So I guess the Bear is what animal I'd pick.
Colleen Fekete said…
I love the hippo but my son would love the Brontosaurus!
I would choose the Angel one.
TarynPasco916 said…
I would choose the T-rex for my boy. Thank you for the chance!
cheryla lister said…
Love the cute elephant!
Unknown said…
There are so many choices! I like the dino and owl.
Unknown said…
I love the dino and owl.
Jan Lee said…
I would pick the Moon :)
Unknown said…
love the brontosaurus
ReggieMann said…
I would choose the Quarter Moon Night Light
Michele P. said…
I like the Owl nightlight, but I also love the Angel one.
Renee Simmons said…
I love them all, but because I personally love Teddy Bears like crazy, have to pick the Teddy Bear!! Thanks for the chance!
Andrea Amy said…
probably the brontosaurus :)
Anonymous said…
The owl one!!!

Kelly Plaisance