Light the Night Fundraising Update

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This was a very exciting week on the fundraising aspects of my soon approaching Light the Night walk.  I had two anonymous donations- one was $100 and the other $25!!  I did a little happy dance- so thank you whom ever you are.  We also ended another auction where I received $75 in donations from selling 2 gift cards.  :)  More happy dancing!

Light the Night is a fundraiser to help end leukemia and lymphoma!  Please consider donating any amount large or small.  I even do happy dances for $1!  

I have also done a cone-ing and will consider any other fun and crazy fundraising ideas.  Do you want to see me do anything else crazy and would pay to see it?  Check out my cone-ing video HERE

Let's all work together one donation at a time to end cancer!  :)