Nerves on the First Day of School


Dear Selah,
I love love love you!!  Thank you for being such a big kid today and not being angry that mommy was not around to help you get on the bus.  I am so proud of you just like you told me you were proud of me for getting a job!  I am so thankful that your first day went well and you made some new friends.  When I came home you had so many fun stories to tell me about school and it reminded me to just Praise Daddy God for you!  I was so thankful daddy drove you and Titus up to see me at my job so we could go out and eat ice cream! :)  I love watching you grow up!  You are going to learn a lot this year and make some great friends!    
 Hugs n Kisses, Mom

It was a bigger challenge for me to walk out the door this morning to go to work and not be home to help and watch my baby get on the bus for Kindergarten.  I got to work and was glued to my phone waiting for my husband to send me picture updates.  Last night we actually took some of the fun pictures!  :)

The morning started a little rough for Daddy as Selah's tummy got the nervous ache and ended in some puke!  :(  Thankfully it was only nerves and Daddy was still able to get her to the bus and to school.  It was not fun for me to get a text from my husband telling me she threw up.  I was so thankful that my morning meeting was pushed back so I could be checking and using my phone.  I was able to call and talk and pray with her before the bus came.  When she got home she told me, "my tummy really started feeling better after I met some friends and after you prayed for me cause God is real and He heals!"  My daughter is a breath of fresh air some days!

My day was a longer one too since I am in a different school district then her.  My school had our Meet and Greet this evening so I was gone from 7-7!  I am excited, nervous, scared, and feeling sleepless tonight since tomorrow is the first student day!  I know my classroom will have some challenges but I am really declaring some great things for each of my students... I believe some big things are in store! :)