"Noah and the Big Boat" Book Review


The people of the world are not being good, so God asks his friend Noah to help him. In Noah and the Big Boat young readers follow Noah as he builds an ark according to God’s direction and then works to do God’s will. This Bible story favorite uses art from The Beginner’s Bible, the bestselling storybook Bible of all time.

The people of the world are not living the way God wants them to. But God has a friend named Noah and he wants to save Noah and his family from a big flood that he is sending. God tells Noah to build an ark and gather two of all the animals of the world. So Noah gets to work!
This retelling of the story of Noah and the Ark is sure to be a young reader favorite. Featuring art from the beloved The Beginner’s Bible, parents will love sharing this with their children.
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My Review:
Noah's Ark has always been one of my favorite Bible Stories.  I think mainly because of the rainbow promise and I love animals.  My kids also seem to love the Noah story and love to retell me the story since they know it so well.   This book is a great resource for our Sunday schools and I know it will be used in the future.  This book is only $3.99 and was released this last May.   Pick your copy up today and enjoy a Bible favorite with your favorite little ones.