Reasons to Write a Will…Now!

Writing a will is not something we think about in our 20s or 30s as we are still young, and have our whole lives ahead of us. However as times change, we undertake some activities or jobs that put our lives in significant risk, and therefore brings writing a will to the forefront of our responsibilities – especially if you own property. Here are some reasons why you should write a will now! 

Do you work in a life-threatening job?
Although it seems quite extreme, there are some occupations that can put your life at higher risk of death than some other jobs. Occupations like firefighter, police officer, armed forces officer, are just a few examples of jobs that put the risk of death higher than your average desk job. However well you have been trained for your job, something can go wrong and writing a will can ensure your family is provided for if it does. 

Do you participate in any extreme sports?
Okay, you might not go parachuting or bungee-jumping everyday but if you have a thirst for adrenaline activities then writing a will might also be a priority for you. Whether you are walking a tight rope 150 metres above ground or scuba diving into the deep blue sea, there is still a risk of injury or death, so you should take precautions for this. 

How do you get started?
You can start writing a will with just a pen and paper, however you can also get will-writing sets from some stationery shops and online. These can provide you with helps and tips to ensure you are following the correct procedures. You will also need two witnesses to sign the will – but make sure that these witnesses are not included in your will as they are not allowed to inherit anything for legal reasons. 

When things get serious
It is always best to seek professional help in doing this, as a solicitor can iron out any problems you might have. A will is not a foolproof document – it can be challenged by relevant persons, so if you are in the position to challenge a will then search for some tips on when to contest a will before doing so.

This post was done in partnership with Disputing Wills'