Baggie Math

Go look in your cabinet at your baggies and get started on some fun math activities with your kids.  Make sure you get the baggie that has the slide lock on it. I labeled my bag 1-10 but you could make them several different ways.  Maybe if you are working on counting by 2, 5, or 10's you could use those multiples.  

Another great think is a dry erase marker so you can write and erase the problem you come up with.  :)

Another idea is label the bag 1-6 and play addition with a die.  :) Or do 12 and use 2 dice.  :)

Math can be difficult for some kids but when you throw in new ways to count, add, subtract, etc etc.  The interest increases and more can be learned.  :)  

Go make your baggie math and have some fun with your kids.  :)