Goddess Garden Lotion Review

About Goddess Garden's:
Goddess Garden, a Boulder-based skincare company, was founded in 2004 by Nova Covington, entrepreneur and mom. As a new mother, Nova was inspired to create organic skincare products initially for her daughter Paige, who was allergic to chemicals in traditional bath products. Motivated to develop safe skincare solutions, Nova launched natural products using pure minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active agents for sun protection — the highest organic content of any sunscreen on the market.
In 2009, Goddess Garden launched a line of Organic Sunscreen products that protect and nourish without harsh sunscreen chemicals. This long-lasting SPF 30 sunscreen is made with sheer minerals that reflect 97% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Goddess Garden’s line of organic sun care products is water resistant to 40 minutes, non-greasy, absorbs quickly and nourishes sensitive skin with the highest percentage of organic ingredients available in a sunscreen—up to 94 percent!
Goddess Garden continues to innovate by recently introducing the first organic, chemical-free sunscreen in a continuous spray. Currently, Goddess Garden’s family of sun care products include adult, kids, baby and facial sunscreens.
Goddess Garden was founded with a commitment to product excellence while maintaining a low carbon footprint. The woman-owned company provides safe and effective products using environmentally sustainable business practices. Goddess Garden supports organic farmers, local schools,  and family-friendly organizations.

Thanks Goddess Garden's for sending me product to conduct my review.  All opinions are 100% mine and I was not paid for this review.  

 I always feel more safe and confident when I find a product that is all natural.  I am trying to get better at finding only safe products for my family.  The things I like about this lotion include the scents.  Some people think if you go all natural the scent is not pleasing but I felt that these were wonderful.  I am also very satisfied knowing that the lotion has an SPF of 15.  Ladies, it is so important to apply an SPF lotion.  Studies have found that daily application of sunscreen will decrease signs of aging by almost 25%!!!!  When I heard that I became very motivated to apply SPF every morning.  

The price is in the normal range for products that are "all natural."  My one complaint is the lotion is a bit more runny.  When you tip the bottle over you have no need to squeeze any out because it comes out fairly quick.  Sadly my daughter has used this lotion and she made a big lotion mess by simply turning it upside down.  I would prefer the lotion to come as a hand pump bottle rather then the squeeze bottle so we can prevent the lotion messes.   

I found they have a spray sunscreen and I think next year before summer I want to buy it.  Applying sunscreen to my sun usually results in screaming and crying but with a spray things might go quicker and less tantrums might be a result which would make for a happier mom.  Make sure you all go check out all the other awesome products that Goddess Garden's has to offer.