Happy Birthday with Fish!

Today my sweet daughter turned 6!  Over the weekend while we were visiting my family we did a birthday meal with them and she got some great gifts. 

We celebrated last night as a family with picking up three new members to the family.  :)  My husband was able to purchase the tank and supplies while we were away.  So when we got home Monday night she got to open the gifts and set up the tank to get it all ready for her fish.  

Meet Sparkle, Speedy, and Rocky.  We will add another one soon since Purpley died in the transport home.  It is a good think fish are guaranteed for 90 days!  I am very proud of my daughter for not getting to emotional over the dead fish.  (I currently have a dead fish in a baggie on my fridge with the receipt--- yes I'm that crazy) 

Both of my kids are enjoying the fish!  I love the black light tank that Wal-Mart has...it takes owning fish to a new fun level.  

This weekend we will have a Lalaloopsy birthday party and I promise I will share some pictures of the fun we have.