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has several new products that became available this last May. Here is a description of each new product: 

Water Trim
You finally lost the baby 
fat and here comes the 
grown-up water weight. 
Why are the jeans you 
wore three days ago 
fighting to fit? Your body 
may hold on to water for a 
multitude of reasons, but 
being bloated isn’t ideal. 
Water Trim uses plantbased ingredients to 
support a healthy fluid 
balance for your body. 
Water Trim may be the 
support you need to get 
those jeans on in a snap!
 Supports Healthy Fluid 
Balance *
 800 mg per serving
 100% Natural

Thyroid 5
The thyroid is the small 
butterfly-shaped gland in 
your neck that loves to 
wreak havoc on your life. 
The thyroid is able to get 
away with all sorts of 
metabolic mischief 
because the small gland 
wields mighty power 
when not in balance. 
Thyroid 5 provides thyroid 
support with sea plants 
rich in iodine. Why iodine? 
Iodine is essential to your 
body but your body 
cannot produce it. We also 
add L-tyrosine, an 
essential amino acid for 
added support.
 Contains all-natural 
kelp & bladderwrack
 Delivers L-Tyrosine & 
Selenium *
 No binders, fillers or 

Sleep Sweetly -
Sleep is precious for your 
body. A good night's sleep 
can make you feel 
refreshed, rejuvenated 
and rested enough to 
tackle that project you've 
put off so long. While a 
solid 7 to 8 hours sounds 
idyllic, it's also important 
to make sure you get 
quality sleep. Sleep 
Sweetly supports rest, 
relaxation and healthy 
sleep. You may now look 
forward to a good night's 
 Supports rest & 
relaxation *
 Delivers healthy sleep 
support *
 No binders, fillers or 

Nature's Releaf Tea
Nature's Releaf is a proprietary 
blend of licorice root, peppermint 
leaf, hibiscus flower, senna leaf and 
more! Nature's Releaf delivers 
support for healthy regularity and 
detoxification when your insides 
need a little help. This delicious 
blend of aromatic botanicals is 
combined into single easy to brew 
tea bags. Brew one before going to 
bed at night, sip, and let nature go 
to work!
 Supports healthy digestion *
 Supports regularity *

Nature's Green & Lean Tea -
Nature's Green & Lean tea delivers a 
double dose of green to support 
healthy weight management. We've 
packed thousands of years of ancient 
green tea tradition with the green 
coffee bean supplement into one tea 
for you to enjoy "hot or cold", all 
year round. Green & Lean contains 
green coffee beans, antioxidants 
from green tea and a dash of 
cinnamon and ginger. We think it's 
pretty delicious.
 Supports healthy weight 
management *
 Natural energy *
 Supports healthy blood sugar 
levels *

Natural Defense -
Another go round with cold 
season? Allergies? When 
your body is trying to tell 
you something, it's 
important to listen. More 
specifically, maybe your 
immune system is asking 
for help! Need to bring in 
the troops? Natural 
Defense delivers support 
for healthy immune 
responses and healthy 
Vitamin C levels, which may 
be just the thing you need 
to win the "Blah" battle 
once and for all!
 Supports healthy 
immune response *
 Supports healthy 
Vitamin C levels *
 No binders, fillers or 

Curcumin & Turmeric -
Curcumin & Turmeric is 
abundant in Vitamin C and 
antioxidant properties. 
Because we want the 
supplement to absorb 
optimally for you, we've 
also added black pepper 
extract to support the 
absorption of Curcumin & 
Turmeric. Curcumin & 
Turmeric is offered in 
vegetarian capsules with a 
generous 835 mg per 
 Natural antioxidant 
support *
 Contains black pepper 
for absorption *
 High in Vitamin C 
antioxidants *
 No binders, fillers or 

Appetite Supress -
Maybe you just ate and are 
hungry again – or maybe
you didn't but have to skip 
lunch. While we never want 
you to skip a nutritious 
meal, we get it- life 
happens. Appetite Suppress 
may help you with both the 
"grin" and the "bear it." 
Appetite Suppress supports 
a feeling of satiation as well 
as a positive mood! 
Whether you're stuck in 
traffic or forgot to hit the
grocery store, having 
Appetite Suppress on hand
may keep you feeling 
 Delivers healthy support 
for appetite 
 Supports feeling of 
satiety *
 No binders, fillers or 

My Review:
I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.  

I will admit I think I have a new addiction to tea.  I absolutely love the Green/Lean tea.  The flavor is awesome and it gives me some great energy to start my day.  YOU must try it.  

I have also tried the Natural Defense pills.  I don't have much of an opinion on these pills.  I am always trying to stay healthy now that I am working full time in the schools again  but I have only taken the pill for a couple weeks and truly don't know if they are working or not.  

The Sleep Sweetly pills have worked wonderfully for me.  I usually take 2 on nights that I want to hit my pillow and fall asleep.  It says to take it 30 minutes before bed and my eyes are super tired when those 30 minutes roll around.  I know when I take the pills I also have more vivid dreams.  

Enter below for your change to win these awesome new products.  :)  

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Emi said…
I like the Magna Tiles on Lakeshore Learning
kathy dalton said…
i also like the magna tiles and the bristke builders
Anonymous said…
I am really excited about the sleep sweetly product.

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