Thankful Thursday

Yesterday morning I again made time to eat breakfast on the deck with my kids watching the sun rise.  I am feeling blessed blessed blessed!  

I realize I have not made a Thankful Thursday post in ages so it is well over due!  So here we go:

1. I am thankful for a job- and a job I am enjoying more and more each day.   Even with the overwhelming feelings at the moment I know God has placed me in an important spot and I am waiting for him to do great things!

2. My husband- He has been such a good dad with all the changes since I went back to work.

3. My new church family- I am slowly starting to get to know each person more and more and starting to feel more like family.  

4. We had 12 kids at children's church last week!  WOOT!! 

5.  My S and T!  My two kiddos bring a smile to my face every day!  I LOVE them so much.  

I know I could keep going but I have to wake up and work out in the morning which is 6. My workout buddy!  She is awesome and gets up at 5:15 to workout with me.  :)  We are doing 8 hill sprints tomorrow.  PRAY FOR ME!