Frankenstein and Pumpkin fun

Yes, this was another Pinterest find and it was perfect for my classroom!  I really wanted to add some more color in my room so a lil Halloween decorations was great.  

We read a Franklin book first and Franklin is Franklinstien for Halloween so it was perfect!  :)

I realized that my students need to use scissors more often!  Since I have a behavior classroom we do not do arts and crafts very often so this important skill is not used often.  It was very apparent that it might be worth it for them to find more cutting activities. 

I will admit that I had a fun time creating these too!!  :)  All you need are paint samples from your local hardware store, and other paper to cut the face pieces from.  Then a little glue and your done!  Simple yet entertaining and a positive reinforcement activity for students who had completed nice neat work!  :)