Translation Assistance

I started teaching again this fall and I am absolutely enjoying it even with the hard behaviors I see daily.  It is interesting as I learn more about each school in my area.  I remember in Wausau how our demographics looked compared to Iowa.

In Wisconsin when I subbed it was a very high Hmong population and the schools needed to have Hmong translations.  Here in Iowa it is completely different.  I don't see many Hmong people but a higher Mexican population.  Wisconsin to Iowa is not that far away from each other and it is so interesting to me to see the different demographics in the areas.  The schools here need more Spanish translators.

Maybe it is so interesting to me because I grew up in the same state my whole life and did not get to travel a whole lot.

I think I might have found another option for my school here in Iowa.   I think I will recommend the services of Rosettta.  Rosetta is a Worldwide Translation Service.  Rosetta, translation services and be your go to site in helps of translating several different languages.

Rosetta has this neat cycle on their site that helps clarify how the process works!  Rosetta's main focus specializes in the translation of business documents across all major languages, with particular strength in finance and law related material. Their industry focus has given them a significant competitive advantage in fulfilling the heavily specialized request of even the most demanding clients in these business areas.  Their team of translators, editors, and proofreaders has been specifically chosen for their expertise in finance, accounting, or law.  It may not be absolutely perfect for the school but still might be worth investigating more.