Case for Christ for Kids- Book Review

Bestselling Author Lee Strobel Helps Children Learn More about Their Faith and Understand the Bible in a New Devotional Book

New York Times bestselling author Lee Strobel reveals he knows through experience that children are wrestling with questions about Jesus and the Christian faith at younger and younger ages.  Further, misinformation and not being exposed to the Bible at an early age can often lead to a superficial faith that may crumble later in life. 

That’s why Strobel penned CASE FOR CHRIST FOR KIDS: 90-DAY DEVOTIONAL (Zonderkidz; $9.99; October 2013). Inspired by the success of The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation on the Evidence of Christ, the new book teaches kids aged 9-12 how to build a case for Christ in their lives that can stand up to challenges and help squelch doubt.
Strobel writes that Christianity isn’t just a list of religious rules, but a way for children to gain a deeper relationship with Jesus by following truths outlined in the Bible. CASE FOR CHRIST FOR KIDS contains 90 devotions derived from the Gospels, and encourages children to read one each day so they can apply it to their daily lives. It helps readers dig deeper into their faith with the “Examine the Case” section, which explains the importance of each devotion. “Final Word” contains an excerpt from an appropriate Scripture passage.
What’s most noteworthy about the book is how Strobel effortlessly caters each devotion to a relatable aspect of a child’s life—their love of hot dogs, cleaning their rooms, and even the Easter Bunny. This helps them learn how their faith impacts everything they do in every area of their lives.

Written in a friendly, conversational tone, CASE FOR CHRIST FOR KIDS includes historical facts, true stories, and biblical research that will captivate children. It is an essential book that strengthens their faith while it also provides answers to their toughest questions about God.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lee Strobel was the award-winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune and is the bestselling author ofThe Case for FaithThe Case for Christ and The Case for a Creator, all of which have been adapted to documentaries by Lionsgate. Strobel has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri and a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale University. He has written 3 Gold Medallion winners and co-authored the 2005 Book of the Year, Exploring the Da Vinci Code. He and his wife live in Castle Rock, Colorado. Learn more at  

My Review:
My children are not quite at the age that this book is geared for but since I do have my church kids this is perfect for a few of them.  I believe it is the church's and parents job to help build a solid foundation for our children so they can have the confidence to stand up for CHRIST.  When they take ownership and identify who they are in Christ there will be victory!  I firmly believe that this nice devo is going to help kids go  a step further in their thinking and help make Christianity not just talked about or done on Sundays at church but a true way to live all the time.  

I am excited to offer this book to my kids in a few more years when they are facing more challenges of the worlds pressures.  I know we are currently developing great habits and a love for being in God's word and in general of spending time with HIM and soaking in His love!  

This book will also be a great tool to many Sunday school classrooms who might have "newer" believers helping out who might not know how to answer some of the harder questions.  WHAT AN AWESOME TOOL TO HAVE!