Gildan Underwear Review and Giveaway

It's the first thing your family puts on in the morning and the last thing they typically take off at night.  In between, you can only hope it doesn't rip, ride up or rub you the wrong way.  It's their old underwear – and it's about time everyone elects to have a new favorite pair.

Whether your crew votes for briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, hipsters, bikini briefs or anything in between, this election season is the perfect time to clean house and bring in a fresh new favorite.  Gildan, the world's largest manufacturer of cotton T-shirts, has recently unveiled its new line of underwear designed to leave your family's old undies twisting in the wind.  Built on a platform of providing better fabric, a plush waistband, taped seams (instead of exposed stitching) and cotton/spandex rib fabric in the leg bands (instead of rubber), Gildan underwear is quickly being endorsed by millions of Americans.

In a national consumer preference test conducted last year, Gildan outperformed the two biggest names in briefs.  In a head-to-head (or bottom-to-bottom) comparison, 75% of all respondents preferred the fabric of Gildan over Hanes Red Label and Fruit of the Loom.

Have you experienced that awkward moment when you have a very uncomfortable wedgie???  You know the time when all eyes are on you as you pick your butt.  HOW EMBARRASSING!  I know I am not the only one who has had to pick the bottom out in public.  

Thank you Gildan for sending me male and female underwear to conduct my review.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.  I was not paid for this review.  

I have worn several different types of underwear and I will happily report that I have had 0 wedgies wearing the hipsters from Gildan.  The cotton is very soft but the biggest difference is the small elastic lining that is not only across the top but on the bottom around each leg.  It truly helps them hug the butt a little better and no allows no opportunity for the underwear to sneak up!   My husband reports the same for the male pair.  

Gildan offers several different cuts and colors.  Gildan also provides more then just underwear.  They also sell socks, t-shirts, and fleece.  When you are in the isle wondering what brand to chose look no further and find comfort in the Gildan brand.  

Want to win your own pack of Gildan's underwear?  Fill out the easy rafflecopter form below for your chance to win a pack of your choice!  

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Maria K said…
My biggest underwear nightmare was when I was in high school. During gym we were doing an obstacle course and I got mine caught. The waist band ripped and they kept falling down all day long.
kathy dalton said…
my nightmare was forgetting i was wearing white pants with red panties oops
Emi said…
baggie panties where there is more fabric than needed, especially when it extends over the belly button. I don't wear short tshirts but if I bend over to pick something up, then it shows.
Karla said…
underwear sticking out of the top of pants