Christmas Recap

Christmas came and went very quickly this year.  Here are a few photos to capture some of the fun! 

I was more excited to give this gift to my little guy then him getting it.  Don't let me decieve you he was very excited to jump on the bike but it soon lost it's appeal when we realized he is still a little short to pedal the bike.  :(

So glad I snatched one of Amazon's Lightning deals for this plasma car because no pedals are needed.  

My daughter loves her new scooter that her papa bought her.  She also got a pair of roller blades from her aunt and uncle.  So this Christmas could be summarized with WHEELS!  :)

We had a birthday party for Jesus at church and that was a blast and the cake was yummy! 

Batman made an appearance and he seems to visit daily with high energy! 

We also had to make cut out cookies because Christmas can't be complete without this tradition!  

There are several other traditions our family enjoyed like a Christmas Eve service, Happy Birthday Jesus Pancakes, and traveling to family.  

Bring on 2014!  Be Blessed!