DIY Star Ornaments

Have I mentioned that my two children have their own Christmas trees in their bedrooms?  I do this because we make so many adorable ornaments and my tree in the living room is themed with red, gold, and silver and I will admit I am a snob and do not want the kiddie ornaments on it.  Since we do create some wonderful ones I still like to have the fun moment of pulling them out each year and reminiscing over the memories of creating them so hence the need for both kids to have their own Christmas trees.  

The last one we did for 2013 is a very simple Popsicle stick  and string star ornament.  I used super glue to glue the sticks in a star shaped... kids did not help with this process.  (We tried Elmer's glue and had no success)  After the glue was dry we had fun taking string and wrapping it every way.   Simple, easy, fun, and looks great on the kids trees!