Guest Post- Hair Care Solutions as You Age

Hair Care Solutions as You Age

As we grow into older adults, our bodies go through significant changes. These changes 

may be brought on by age itself, or from circumstances, such as pregnancy and delivery, 

a traumatic accident, or excessive stress. The incidents of our lives take a toll on our 

bodies, and sometimes they are out of our control. Hair is one of the elements that can 

change with age or adversity, depending on circumstances and genetics. Here are 

some ways to combat the toll the aging process takes on your hair, or manage it when it 

happens. From over-the-counter, at-home products to more expensive procedures, there 

may be things you can do to combat hair loss. 


Many of the products people use throughout their youth weigh hair down because they 

add heaviness to the roots. This can cause thinner hair to fall completely flat and be 

difficult to manage. It may look extremely thin, limp, and lifeless. Consider changing 

your hair-care routine with lighter products. Some hairstylists will recommend that you 

only use conditioner once a week, as its thick, moist texture can weigh hair down even 

more. Go easy on other products like mousse and hairspray as well. Even products 

that advertise they create more volume can weigh hair down if used in excess. A dry 

shampoo can help add volume while soaking up oil, allowing you to use less product 

when you first wash your hair.


Some medical procedures are available for individuals who qualify. Consult your doctor 

to see if hair restoration is right for you. Hair restoration can help your own hair grow and 

be restored to its natural state. Hair restoration in Kansas City offers the ability to live 

normally without being self-conscious about your thinning hair, which can be especially 

helpful if you work in a field where appearances matter, such as television reporting, 

acting, modeling, law, or public relations.


If your hair is thinning, consider changing your routine slightly to help preserve the hair 

you have. Often washing it less frequently will help you style your hair less, so the hair 

goes through fewer experiences where it is being pulled, ironed, or curled. This can help 

preserve your hair. Your hair will also retain its natural oils, which will keep it healthy. 

Blow dry your hair with a large, bristled barrel brush to add volume as you dry. 

About the Author: Jessica is a writer who is determined to combat hair loss and desires 

to keep her hair healthy. The above tips will help her hair stay in excellent condition.