Frozen Water Balloons and Salt- Fun Science

 Why not take the opportunity to freeze some water balloons with this constant Polar Vortex!!

We first put a couple drops of food coloring in each balloon and filled it with water.  Then we set them outside for a few hours.  

We have done this in the past and had fun watching the sun hit the pretty ice sculptors.  Check that post out here!

This time we did not go outside to play... the windchill is to bitter.  

This time we watched the reaction between ice and salt.  They were eager and ready to watch the fun!

The ice melts when salt is put on it.   My children had fun pouring salt on and watching it create holes in the ice. 

This is a great experiment that allows for fun creative responses.  

We took it a step further.  Once the salt made holes we put some finger lights in the ice to create a whole new exciting topic to discuss.  


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