Proud Mommy

One of the greatest joy's as a parent is to listen to your child pray.  I enjoy our nightly prayers together and one of the last nights before going back to school after Christmas break was extra special when my daughter said, "mom, I really want to make sure I go to Heaven so I am ready to pray that prayer."  You see in Children's church we had discussed salvation here and there and a week prior I had a very good conversation with my daughter about Heaven.  It was her who started asking me questions when she noticed I was reading the book, "Heaven is for Real"-  a great and fast read if you are looking.  

So as any 6  year old would pray she told Papa God that she was sorry for the naughty choices she makes, she ask him to make her a special house, and she was herself and real.  

There does not have to be a guided prayer that you say as long as it comes from your heart and you let God in and become the leader in your life each and every day.  

I pray right now you would get real with God and seek his face with a new hunger that only he can supply.