Beauty and the Beast-Date with my Daughter

I look at this picture and think, "Wow, we sure do look a lot alike!"   Then I sit back and think, "I sure hope she remembers the fun we had on this date."   

I truly have a deep love for theater!  I was involved in drama in high school and even though I am not on a stage in the present moments the opportunities I had in High School has prepared me for the many other speaking arrangements such as teaching and preaching! 

This production of "Beauty and the Beast" left us giggling and enjoying our time out.   My favorite character in the show was Lumiere and my daughter liked the Mad'em - the Duster.   Lumiere was impressive with his accent- he really sounded natural with it!  He also made me laugh the most!  I wonder why my daughter liked the Duster lady and I think it boils down to she was very flirtatious and also had a fun accent.  

During intermission the show was selling Icee's in these fun Chalice glasses so of course we had to buy them so she could take a keepsake home and have special drinks in them!     

When was the last time you took your kids out on a date?   Spend time with them and create life long memories!