Birthday Boy turns 3


It's true we held a "Batman" themed birthday party this last weekend for my big three year old.  Not only did he turn three this week but he also has been diaper-less for 2 weeks!   

This party was held in our local rec center so the kids could bring there bikes or scooters and have some fun!   We also had them dress up as their favorite super heroes so it was a room full of cute kids in costumes... actually the adults had some cute costumes too! 

Here are some highlights from the party:

We played a little bean bag toss and we discovered how good of an aim Titus has! 

Opening presents sure showed us that he has lots of friends who love him and blessed him with lots of toys and money!!  

I enjoy the bonding between friends.  As you can see Batman and Captain America can be best buds.  

Titus was very adorable blowing out his candle before we finished singing "Happy Birthday."

The party could not be complete without the bopping balloons and a dance party with finger lights.  :)

Dear Titus,
Mommy loves you so much!!  I love your sense of humor and your high energy.  I adore your desire to cuddle with me ad everyone.  I am also so very proud of you in overcoming the potty- YOU ARE POTTY TRAINED!   You don't even want to wear diapers at nap or bedtime and you have been staying dry!  GO TITUS!  Titus you had so many people at your party cause you are very loved!  Even your Papa Barney drove down for the weekend, which was good since all week you were asking to go to Papa's house!  At your party you loved eating your cupcake, riding all the toys, and of course the dance party with the finger lights.  

I know this year is going to be a great year for you.  I am praying you continue to use your words which will help you have less tantrums because of communication.  I am asking Papa God to cover you this year with his love and protection.  Love you always,   Mom