DIY Customized Countertop

This DIY project was completed by my amazing and wonderful husband who always wants to make special things for me!   I LOVE HIM and feel loved by him!  

Due to the smaller room it was too challenging to get a full picture displaying all his hard work and customized work.  There are more pictures in this post to give you a better idea on the layout of the project.  

Let me take you back to what we started with, one word would be clutter!   Unfortunately I did not get a picture with the small metal shelf with towels and board games that were between the washer and dryer so this picture will have to do:

Yes, in that space between the washer and dryer would be CLUTTER galore.   It drove me bonkers since this is the entry way to our house so the first thing people would see would be our icky clutter of towels and board games.   

My husband's idea was to get some cabinets in the middle and build a custom shelf over the washer and the dryer.  I was all for it but what I did not know was how he was going to take it a step further and personalize the shelf and counter tops with some Bible verses.  

Not only did my husband find an affordable way to personalize the counter tops but he did it in just a couple days!   This project's total costs came in under $500!!!   So let me take you step by step in the awesome transformation. 

First- picking out cabinets!
As you can see in the picture below we found 3 pieces that looked wonderful together.   After getting them home my husband with a little assistance from me had to attach the pieces together.  

Once that part was done we got the paint brushes out to start to stain the cabinets a dark black color. 

The next step after the staining is complete is building the top.   After my husband had the top on he also surprised me and designed a Bible verse for each section.   A big thing to note is many printing places will print huge prints very cheap when you print in black and white.   So the printing costs were under $35 for all three pieces.  :) 

The next step we did when applying the paper to the top of the counter was first wrinkling the paper to give it an antique feel after that we glued it down.   The longest part of the project came next which was applying several coats of Polyurethane. The polyurethane is used to coat and layer the counter top so you can use it without it ripping or tearing.   It provides a nice layer of protection and it's hard and smooth.   

The next steps are repeating with making the other counters and applying the customized art.   We also stained the top cupboards that were there so they matched the bottom.  The room is welcoming and shows zero clutter!   I love it! 


Kim said…
I never would have thought to put a Bible verse on a counter top! Love the verse choices, too.
Found you through Tip Junkie. :)