Family Museum Fun!

 Spring break is here for me and I have been enjoying my family most of all!   
On my first day of spring break I took my son to the local Family Museum.  I was thrilled with this fun new spot!  
I know we will be back since my daughter was not with us, she still has school because her spring break did not line up with mine.  :(   We did pull her out one day this week to go on a mini vacation, post to come soon.  

This museum had so many fun areas from a pizza store, grocery, farm, fireman, water play, science play, and so much more.  Each section had dress clothes to help kids feel like they are playing the part of store clerk to pizza maker.  :)  

Dear Titus,
I had a blast playing with you on this day!   You made me a tasty pizza, ice cream cone, and you checked out all my yummy groceries at the store.  You were so amazed with all the play areas you went from each section kinda quickly then found your way back to your favorite spots, the fireman station and the pizza kitchen.  I had a great time using my imagination with you!  --Love, Mom


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