Toddler Easter Package Giveaway

 Are you on the hunt for items for your son or daughter's Easter basket?  Time to enter this giveaway to win 3 books!  The titles include: "An Easter Gift for Me" "The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers" and "Goodnight Angles."  To enter please look below for the easy Rafflecopter form.  

I have previously written a review on the Rhyme Bible so feel free to read my review, HERE.    

The book, "An Easter Gift for Me" is a great book for older kids as well as the toddler group.    The book walks you through Jesus and the Cross.   
The description:  Jesus came to Earth as a baby. When he grew up he taught people about God. 'But some of the people did not understand the way Jesus fit into God's special plan.' He died on a cross, and that was sad. But he came alive again and lives in heaven today!

My Review:
The book is a quick overview of the foundations and importance of Jesus.  It is a great book for Easter time, to make sure we stress the importance of Him Dying for all!  The story is short enough to keep the interest of the younger ages.  

"Goodnight Angels" is a newly released book that has a repetitive line so the kids can join in and say "goodnight!"   

The book description:  Goodnight Angels, written by Melody Carlson and illustrated by Sophie Allsopp, follows a child, heading to bed, saying goodnight to everyone and everything along the way. Goodnight, rubber duckie. Thank you for the scrub. Goodnight to the bubbles, Sliding down the tub. As a little boy says goodnight to the things and people in his world, he remembers to offer a thankful nighttime prayer to God.

My Review:
This story is a fun story with a repetitive line for kids to join in on each page.  The prayer at the end is the best part since it is truly the only time Christ's message is portrayed so it brings the focus back on to Him.  :)  

Please enter the giveaway below using the easy rafflecopter form.   One winner will win the three books:  "An Easter Gift for Me"  "Rhyme Bible" and "Goodnight Angels."  

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cman said…
The religious activities.
grtlyblesd said…
I like getting the kids all dressed up. Our church is way too casual the rest of the year.
Darlene said…
My favorite part is getting together with family.
Julieanne said…
I love celebrating the Resurrection!
Silvie said…
My favorite part is spending it with family that we don't get to see often.
Unknown said…
My favorite part is getting to teach my kids about why we celebrate.
zekesmom10 said…
That He is risen!

And food.
Emi said…
I like taking our kids to local Easter Egg hunts. I also bought a Zondervan Easter book on amazon for only $2.75 (shipping included). It was a story of the Berenstein Bears learning about Easter in Sunday school.
Cassie Eastman said…
My favorite thing about Easter is how excited the kids get, going to church with my family, and of course telling my children how Jesus is alive.
Unknown said…
I love watching my daughter hunt for Easter eggs!