Using Cards as Dominoes!

 These cards helped me in the process of potty training my son!   He was so upset about it all until we started playing games.   

We used the Phase 10 cards in a different way which created a fun time for my almost 3 year old.  
He surprised me at how well he understood the rules.  He could put a card down if it matched the number or the color!  It is possible to take an older kid or adult game and use it for a toddler at his or her ability level.   Colors and numbers is a great skill we have been working on along with talking and this activity provided it all.   He was using his words with saying the color and a couple of the numbers.   

Since playing this game we have done 3 other times... I guess it is a new favorite!   Might have to take the idea to my classroom at school.  


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