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Zoobean- Book Subscription Review


A curated library of booksand apps for kids

We handpick remarkable children's books and apps, cataloging them with lots of love and detail.


Personalized selections
for each child

Our curators match each selection to your individual child's age, favorite genres, interests, and reading level.

GuidesSupplementary digital guidesfor deeper connections

We provide expert-created Reading Guides and App Companions that include tips and activities for building literacy.

My Review:
Thank you Zoobean for giving me a free 3 month subscription to Zoobean in exchange for an honest review.   All opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid for this review.  

Once I set up my account on Zoobean I started to fill out some personal information regarding my daughter- her likes and interests so that Zoobean could handpick a title that would catch my daughters attention.  

So far we have received two books in the mail and I had the package written to "Little Miss Selah" which has provided even more excitement for my daughter.  The two books we have gotten are:

Both books are similar with a dancing theme.  It has been fun to read and reread the books and sit down and talk about the similarities and differences from both books.   There is a feel good moral in each story too which has created some awareness for my daughter to sit and talk about feelings and using only positive and encouraging words. These two books are also hard cover and have been shipped quickly and damage free in good packaging.  

Beyond the fun books that come in the mail I have really enjoyed browsing through the smartlist section on Zoobean's website.  You can get a 60 day free trial to the smartlist- SIGN UP HERE!   The smartlist has a list of apps and other reading materials that fit your child's interests and coordinate with the books. After the free trial this service is only $1.25 per month!   The only downfall is not all App's are free!   There are so many great ones listed but many of them have an added cost. 

About Zoobean

We understand the importance of building literacy early and often.

Our little ones learn and achieve so much more than we can imagine. In fact, research confirms that children's earliest learning experiences directly shape the adults they become and their success later in life. Meanwhile, children who are not reading at the level of their peers by age eight risk facing the "third grade cliff."
At Zoobean, we know that parents and families play the most important role in building their children's literacy. With so much stuff out there and so little time, we curate remarkable apps, books, and guides just for your child. Everything we do is part of our mission to encourage literacy and help you give your kids a head start. 

We’re teachers and parents who, like you, want to help our kids learn.

Our Chief Mom, Jordan, was the Head of K-12 Education at Google. Felix, our Chief Dad, was Washington, DC's Teacher of the Year. But then came the roles of their lifetimes: becoming parents to their son and daughter!
They were inspired to create Zoobean when they struggled to find books and apps that met their son's interests and pictured families like their own. At the same time, they saw how much a particular book, titled All the World, had engaged their son and prepared him to be a big brother. "We only found the book after asking around and searching several online blogs," said Jordan. "I remember feeling such joy at watching him pretend to read its pages. And before long, we couldn't help but think that we had to find a better way to keep it going."
Zoobean began with a few parents cataloging their favorite children's books and apps in ways that made sense for their families. It has since evolved into a service dedicated to helping all families build their children's literacy by matching remarkable books and apps to each one-of-a-kind kid. 

Like a Librarian in Your Living Room: Handpicked Books, Apps, and Literacy Resources

Zoobean curates high-quality children's books and apps, cataloged by reading level, character types, favorite genres, and "interests" that speak the same language as our families: from "Adventure" to "Not-So-Pink Girls" to "Zany."

Everything we do is inspired by three values: Love, Inclusion, and Remark-ability.

Love: A family's love is boundless, inspiring us to want the best for our children, our friends and communities.
Inclusion: We empower you with a diverse set of stories and resources, so you’re better equipped to help your children imagine and achieve anything.
Remark-ability: It may not be in the dictionary, yet we believe in it. We’re dedicated to offering you the most current resources available: great books, apps and expert resources to build your children's literacy.
Every kid is different and one book or app doesn’t fit all. Our family of literacy experts -- who happen to be parents, educators, and librarians too -- individually select books and apps for our library and then match them uniquely to your child or loved one. We then go even further by producing Reading GuidesApp Companions, and other resources to help your family engage more deeply with each selection.


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Saw your bracelet this weekend and I loved it!!

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